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Virtual Reality and...virtual events

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The new tech industry is boosting, resulting in a sudden increase in the customer's need for personalized, fun interaction with the brand. With Virtual Reality on board, you can finally fully benefit from the ‘wow factor’ and exceed shoppers’ expectations, staying miles ahead of your competition.

Create a buzz with VR

The event industry is still developing new solutions to attract more and more attendees by providing thrilling experiences for the geographically dispersed audiences. Virtual Reality fits this criterion perfectly, as its true potential and new ways of use are being discovered on each day.

There are at least several advantages of providing new tech solutions such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) into trade shows, exhibitions, and events. Thanks to the immersive factor, each presentation of the product offered by your business won't stay unnoticed, creating massive positive feedback via media (especially social media!), and among regular users - attracting crowds to your stand, shop, or website. What's crucial, the possibility to interact with the product in the virtual, 3D modeled environment, creates a stronger bond with the product - compared to the traditional showcase.

Showcase your brand

With virtual reality scenarios, you’re offering your audience a way to interact with your business in many ways. Invite potential clients to have a peek at your company's production cycle, let them visit the headquarters, or even display a 360-degree movie from your crop field, vineyard, or farm. Let them experience the perspective of your business in an engaging, memorable way.

And, if they want more, let them create their dreamed product by using a VR configurator (which is, by the way, great for the furniture industry), or simply amaze your audience with a VR game! Yes, thanks to gamification tools you can include your products or services into VR games, which lets your customers get familiar with your company and provides an amazingly strong and positive association with your business!

But no matter which way of using VR during industry events you’ll choose - for sure you’ll focus all attention of potential customers on your business.

Virtual Reality and Social Distancing

Recently, the interest in virtual events has been growing due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The entertainment sector has been shut down almost completely, with thousands of sport and music events canceled (or played with empty seats). Luckily, more and more companies are noticing the potential of Virtual Reality - which could bring emotions back.

The team behind the Super Bowl, a massive event usually scheduled for the first Sunday of February, has created a dedicated streaming service, which enables the audience to enjoy the thrill from the court while admiring the game on a giant virtual screen!

Also, the music industry can benefit from streaming or even creating concerts in VR. For instance, John Legend decided to promote his music album ‘Bigger Love” during a live show, performed entirely in virtual reality. The singer appeared as an avatar via the social VR platform Wave and gathered an audience that surely loved that show.

Lone Designer Club, a group of fashion enthusiasts, responsible for the 2020 London Fashion Week decided to choose an even more exciting path. By following the main idea of sustainability (taking care of the better future) and zero waste, they moved the whole event to Virtual Reality.

Together with the Wenkly Team, they decided to add some fun by creating a fashion-oriented VR game, which promotes unique designers, gives players a taste of working under pressure, and respects social distancing. The game was promoted at one of the LDC's locations, so anyone could just pop in and face the challenge on their own.

If you want to learn more about the result of our cooperation and see why it did bring smiles to so many faces, go through the VR for fashion case study.

Virtual Conferences and Meetings

More and more businesses want to showcase their product to the audience in the most attractive and eye-catchy way. Instead of just addressing them through words or endless and boring slides presentation, why not immerse the audience by taking them into a different reality?

A great example of providing VR into live events was the Intel press conference during CES 2017. The presentation began with an immersive VR experience, presenting Intel as a hard market player. The company placed 260 VR headsets in chairs for all press attending the event, then the audience experienced an exciting and incredible journey, which started with a wingsuit flight over Moab, Utah where they then landed on the desert floor. Next, the flyers were shuttled to Vietnam to watch the Ban Goic waterfall. After experiencing this spectacular natural scenery the VR tour ended with sitting on courtside seats at an NCAA basketball game. When the audience removed their VR headsets they found themselves sitting back in the audience at the event in Las Vegas.

Stay creative with VR

No matter what your industry is characterized by, there is always something that you could showcase in a surprising, immersive way, and bring your potential customers an exciting experience- strongly connected with your brand. And if you lack ideas, we encourage you to discuss VR project development with our team or learn more about the variety of VR Services, offered by Wenkly Studio!

And remember, If a single picture can express more than a thousand words imagine what VR can express. Hire Us!

Be sure to visit our vr business projects page, if you are interesed in co-opperation!

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