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VR for fashion

Virtual reality is being harnessed by businesses everywhere regardless of industry or sphere of activity - the fashion industry is no exception. Thousands of clothing, shoes and accessories designers have always looked to tap into an unknown market to drive growth. 

Thanks to the popularization of virtual reality it is finally possible to combine engaging content and a high level of user immersion that cannot be achieved by any other technology. VR fashion is a big hit with consumers since it empowers them to make more informed buying decisions. 

VR reduces costs of holding huge inventories, and the number of delayed purchase decisions. Your customers can visit your virtual store anytime they want, and customize any clothing piece to the desired level. 



Our Client, Lone Designer Club (LDC) is an independent fashion-related brand from London. They were looking for a partner with strong expertise in the Virtual Reality Development, especially in the field of creating fun and entertaining games. The aim of the project was to provide addictively immersive, beginner friendly experience, which'll raise awareness of unique designer models in eco-friendly and pandemic-safety way. 

The experience was to be displayed in the specially prepared store, as a part of the 2020' London Fashion Week. 

The main task of the Wenkly team was to recreate the "virtual" version of the store (exact replica), based on the visual references sent by the LDC design team.  Thanks to that , the user could feel the transition between the physical and the digital by simply equipping the VR headset.


What's more, they were even able to browse through the virtual store as if they were in a physical one. The glasses can track motions, so you know what the users noticed or paid attention to and their movements throughout the virtual store.

Then, our team were asked to create a simple time-limited game, connected with fashion. After initial brainstorm the Client agreed on the sort-out-the-pile-of boots type of game, which enabled store visitors to take a peak at the newest shoes collection (modelled by our 3D graphics from scratch!) - combining them with their original boxes. The experience was warmly welcomed by both VR veterans and novices, providing many hours of fun, a lot of positive noise in the press and social media, and bringing back some smiles on the users faces during pandemic times. 

Open your mind and eyes for the new opportunities, that emerging technologies offer to your industry, and provide your customers with an immersive and emotional experience by using Virtual Reality.

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