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Try out Astro Hunters VR Demo!

Updated: Jun 14

We are happy to announce that the demo to our upcoming game Astro Hunters VR - PvPvE Extraction Shooter set in Space is now available.

The demo is available on Steam during the Steam Next Fest and also on Meta Store.

The demo gameplay lasts two hours.


About Astro Hunters VR

Astro Hunters VR is a PvPvE Extraction Shooter set in space. Immerse yourself in the exploration of diverse planets, fight with different enemies, craft, gather resources, and upgrade your weapons. But remember, there are also other hunters on the planet. Will you ally, fight, or betray - it's up to you!

The Hunt Begins

Become one of the mercenaries called Hunters and help the Mothership achieve its objectives on the hostile planets. Undertake dangerous missions and challenge other players and in exchange freely scavenge the planets. You can join forces with other players, but be careful, hunting down other players to seize their valuable equipment is also an option! Going on an expedition comes with a high reward if you find valuable items, but it’s also high risk - if you die, you lose everything!

Gather Resources and Craft

Collect resources such as gases, liquids, metals, and others on different planets. Each of the resources has its special gathering tool. Use the collected items to craft new and better equipment. The Mothership provides you with crafting stations, on which you can craft inhalers, weapon parts, ammo and more. Do you want to store them, sell for good money, or trade with other players? The choice is yours!

Manage and Upgrade Your Equipment

Gather a diverse range of weapons: pistols, rifles, rocket launchers, machine guns, shotguns, and snipers. Upgrade stats and customize them with elemental modifications: fire, plasma, electricity, and acid. Beware of other players lurking on the planets for your loot. To avoid being left with nothing, store some of them in your storage room to be ready for your next expedition.

Enter the Unknown

Take up the challenge and fight for the loot on the uncharted territories of unique planets, each brimming with diverse landscapes, challenging terrains, and protected bases full of precious items. Discover a wealth of resources, hunt, and engage in an intense fight against a multitude of enemies each presenting distinct challenges.

Become one of the Hunters, and be the best!

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