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VR Furniture

Customers want to be sure that they’ve picked the right product before committing to a purchase. They prefer to compare all available versions, yet it’s hard or even impossible to keep so many products in your physical store. 

Virtual reality solves this problem, combining the freedom of choice and ease of use in order to increase their satisfaction. A few square meters and a headset enable your customers to display your whole collection with all available modifications with just one click. 

VR reduces the costs of holding huge inventories, and the number of delayed purchase decisions. You don’t have to manually build every product-that is incredibly time, space, and money-saving.

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Here are some benefits your company
can achieve by using VR:



The satisfied customer is a returning customer. About 80% of customers are more likely to return to the retailer, who gave them a positive experience while shopping - especially, while implementing personalized and fun VR experience.



VR is an incredibly eye-catchy tool. It provides a deep and memorable experience to your customers, which allows them to have fun while shopping. That’s why 68% of customers admitted that they would rather spend more time at the shop if they could use Virtual Reality.



About 45% of shoppers admitted that using Virtual Reality in a furniture showroom saved their time while searching for products that fit their needs. VR allows customers to browse, compare, and customize pieces of furniture without any need to wander along showroom aisles, through a million of products.



Ikea-the Swedish furniture giant launched in 2016 a VR application, which is targeting €5 billion ($5.9 billion) in online sales by 2020, up from the €1.4 billion ($1.6 billion) it generated in 2016.

Our experience

Thanks to the VR configurator, our Client - which specialized in providing ergonomic office equipment for work and studying - became a market leader in the industry. The brand became recognizable and memorable, due to the immersive and deep experience that VR provided. It created positive emotions, and stayd in customers' minds longer. 


The Client noticed the fall of returning products, and the amount of returning customers is still growing. But what’s most important, our Client achieved growth of sales by about 40%! Hence, some customers are even asking for implementing more and more products. 

Open your mind and eyes to the new opportunities, that emerging technologies offer to the furniture industry, and provide your customers with an immersive and emotional experience by using Virtual Reality.

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