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Enterprise solutions

Immersive experiences in VR and AR are used in many industries to prevent workplace accidents, increase efficiency, develop professional skills, and minimize unplanned downtime.

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A major advantage of VR is the ability to see the same experience from different perspectives. Users can immerse themselves in highly realistic environments and incidents that offer crucial developmental learning experiences while preparing them for real-world possibilities. Many employers are using it to put their employees in the shoes of their customers so that they can gain insight into exactly how their actions impact the customer experience. 


VR for Training

Forget about the countless limitations of traditional job training. Immersive experiences bring trainees closer to real-world experiences without exposing them to real-world dangers. VR for training combines the potential of both experimental learning and a fully customized, interactive environment, providing your workforce with an engaging, exciting, and memorable experience, that boosts their knowledge retention to the maximum.

VR/AR Product Promotion

VR and AR can be a great way to market your product and prove it really stands out from your competition. 

Thanks to new technology, you can even show the client a product that is either too big for a real-life presentation, give him a variety of configuration possibilities, or show him something that does not exist in real life.
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VR for Education

No more boring lessons! Virtual Reality opens a new world of possibilities for teachers to get students' attention and to deliver knowledge in such an interesting way that students will impatiently wait for the next lesson.  Make lessons exciting and memorable by creating an immersive experience thanks to Virtual Reality.

AR for Product Promotion

While the retail market grows more and more, it is challenging to beat competitors and become a leader, but it is not impossible. Using new, immersive technologies such as AR allows you to fully grab customers' attention by showcasing your products in a completely new virtual way.

How we work


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Reach us with your needs either on email, phone or Skype call or schedule a face-to-face meeting. You don't need to be 100% decided.


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We bring your ideas to life. This is the time when your idea becomes a product.


We will break down the task into smaller parts and estimate the cost and time.

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That is the best part - the project is done and you get to enjoy the benefits of it.

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Let’s have a chat about what
Wenkly Studio can do for your enterprise!

Although Virtual Reality can be one of the best ways to help your business grow, it does require a well-thought-out process for how to apply it. That's why we are here to guide you. Not sure if you are ready for the project yet?
- we are happy to talk nonetheless!

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