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AR for product promotion

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is an absolute game-changer when it comes to product promotion. It is a great opportunity to engage your customers into your brand and products, and give them an extraordinary experience, that your competitors haven’t given them yet.


Leave behind paper catalogues, and showcase your product in new, digital way!


An immersive experience that causes AR is a key to your customer’s hearts, and an interactive product catalog is a phenomenal tool that will not only engage your customers but also let your company become a leader, that fits the latest trends and meets expectations of your customers. 

“Try-before-you-buy” strategy is tailored to opportunities of AR and so interactive product catalogs. It allows your customers to customize products, visualize product features, see use cases. Moreover they can try them and get sure that they have chosen the right product in the best for the option. 

For retailers, Interactive product catalogs is a great opportunity to showcase every available product to customer in even the smallest store, and no longer being limited by space.

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Increase your brands awareness by entertaining your customers!

Using real-world games is a great tool to innovate your marketing strategy by keeping on time with new technology, and creating an engaging experience.

In real-world customers are being flooded by many brand advertisements and campaigns which every of them compete to grab their attention. 

Thanks to AR you can capture whole attention by creating real-world games, where players’ attention is focusing only on your brand!  This tool gives your company an unusual opportunity to increase your brand’ awareness by using play and causing positive emotions. 

Want to become a market leader in your industry? Then entertain your customers and provide them lots of fun.

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