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VR product promotion

The future is now and it's virtual!

Using Virtual Reality for product promotion gives your company an unusual opportunity to attract your customers to your brand by creating an immersive, eye-catchy, and memorable experience, which allows them to try your product in a new way. 

Showcase your brand as a leader in your industry, that keeps on time with emerging technologies solutions, and be one step ahead of your competitors! 

Virtual Reality for the furniture industry:


VR offers many opportunities to grow your business and to meet the expectations of your customers. 


As a manufacturer, now you can customize your product anytime and anywhere, showcase every design version, available colors, textures. And what is more, VR allows customers to see every item from different angles, perspectives just by one click/controller tilt. Using only VR headset and VR app you can create an impression of physically holding products no matter where you and your customers are. It is a great solution for many expos and shows, where you used to be limited by space. 

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Virtual Reality for the automotive industry:


The automotive industry is a rapidly developing business. Car manufacturers compete with each other to put the most current technologies into vehicles, to satisfy customers and become a market leader.


As a manufacturer you are not able to physically have car models in every possible color, with different interior upgrades, or versions in your car showroom. Now you can customize the car to your customers exactly the way they are going to buy it. Thanks to VR you can change every car detail as a body car color, interior upgrades, seat versions, etc. Your customer can get a true sense of it, by physically wander around the car, step into the driver seat and what's the best they can experience a virtual ride inside their dream car.


Thanks to VR you can also present the future car models but even so, they haven’t been produced yet, you can take your customers to virtual test ride, and give them an unforgettable experience.


When fashion meets virtual reality

Have you ever wandered how to grab all the attention of your potential customers and be far ahead of your competition? What about showing your whole collection in a new surprising and immersive way? Make your brand memorable and increase your brand awareness by serving to your customers a truly immersive experience! Currently due to new - tech developing customers have bigger and bigger expectations -  it’s getting harder to impress them.  


With a VR headset and special virtual software, you can provide your customers with a realistic sensation of being in your store, showroom, or even in front of a runway show with stunning outfits. 

Virtual Reality offers not only immersive and eye-catching product’s presentations but also -  thanks to gamification - allows you to create an immersive VR game featuring clothes, shoes, accessories from your store!  It's a simple and playful way to call customer’s attention by entertaining them. 


Providing Virtual Reality into the fashion industry gives you an unusual opportunity to enhance perceived informativeness and playfulness compared to well known digital technologies.

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