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How to survive during pandemic as a VR park owner? Wenkly Studio supports VR Parks worldwide.

Updated: May 8, 2020

It’s a very hard time for VR arcades to maintain it’s business during the pandemic. The team behind Elven Assassin (popular multiplayer game in VR arcades) gave some advice on how to run VR Park during this tough time.

1. Use discounted games - Some top developers decided to offer their games at a discounted price or without any fee at all. ELVEN ASSASSIN is one of them, - until the end of May, Wenkly Studio’s flagship game WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR FREE for every arcade owner: those who have significantly fewer clients or who were being forced to close their VR park. Keep in mind that in most platforms free of charge subscription was possible to do it automatically but on some, you need to contact us directly.

2. Consider VR rental service - transform your business. You can’t wait for long to open your business again. Keep in mind everyday hygiene and disinfecting VR kits, day by day, after every use or transport.

3. Talk with your landlord - negotiate a lower rent or even, for now, paying only for utilities.

4. Check out government programs in your country - look for refunds, financial benefits or any other government support.

5. Limit your VR games catalog - choose only top played and most popular ones or the cheapest which offers the best value (free or discounted for a limited time, like our game).

We hope our tips will help you out. If you have any other issues or want to talk about Elven Assasin’s subscription - let us know. We wish you all the best!

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