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Wenkly Studio continues fee-free offer support for Elven Assassin's VR parks owners

Updated: Feb 9

Despite some changes worldwide, it’s still a very hard time for VR arcades to maintain it’s business both: smoothly and profitable. That's why the team behind Elven Assassin (popular multiplayer game in VR arcades) gives a hand to their partners - to you.

We would like to inform you that we're continue to offer our core game for free. At least, until the end of the June 2020, you can use ELVEN ASSASSIN subscription without any fee at all.

Wenkly Studio’s flagship game is STILL AVAILABLE FOR FREE for every arcade owner: those who have significantly fewer clients or who were being forced to temporary close their VR park.

Keep in mind that in most platforms free of charge subscription is possible to do it automatically but on some, you need to contact us directly.

We hope this little gift will help you out. If you have any other issues or want to talk about Elven Assasin’s subscription - let us know. We wish you all the best!

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