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How to work efficiently with entire team at the home office?

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

For us, remote work was something new, unknown until now. Our studio already counts over dozens of employees, so smooth change from office to home office work was challenging. We made it fast and painlessly anyway. Some time passed and we are now ready to share with you our short ‘to do’ list - you can find here the most important (in our opinion) rules of home office which you and your company could find useful. 1. Tool for daily conversations and chatting is a must-have. You can find many free and premium programs that satisfy any small, medium or enterprise company (Discord / Skype / Slack / Zoom / MS Teams). We choose Discord and Slack.

2. Updating your status on the mentioned programs is crucial. It’s a chronic problem at the very beginning - your workmates theoretically are available but practically they have turned off notifications, or sound, or they’re just eating at the moment.

3. Plan your work weekday by day, if it’s possible. Track how much you work and when to stop it. Focus on the most important tasks and try to do one thing at a time.

4. Have some time on things you usually don’t have time - clean up your desktop, folders, and files on your computer as well as on company network drive. It’s good to keep things nice and clean, not only in your surroundings but also online.

5. Actually, especially during the pandemic, the home office could be even better than ‘all-in-office’ everyday work. Social distancing means you and your workmates don’t have to be anxious about ‘who’s gonna sneeze or cough today?!’. You can just focus on your work and everyone's morale are higher.

6. It’s good to share high-end PCs, monitors and other peripherals from your office amongst members of your team. Then work is more comfortable for all of you, everyone has strong enough PCs, setup is much faster and teamwork is more productive. We could also say: hey, don't forget about moving, think about pad for your wrists and feet, drink a lot (water!), have a break, eat regularly, go outside (the balcony is enough), but we’re pretty sure you already know it. Have a nice remote work!

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