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Wenkly Studio at Digital Dragons!

On the 15-16th of May, our team had the privilege to participate in the Digital Dragons.

The Digital Dragons Conference is an annual event that holds a prominent place in the world of video game development and interactive entertainment. This international conference takes place in Poland and serves as a meeting point for professionals, developers, and enthusiasts within the gaming industry.

During these two days, a lot of people visited our stand. We had a lot of inspiring conversations and met amazing people. Our visitors had the opportunity to experience our virtual reality games - Elven Assassin and Survival Nation. Their enthusiasm and feedback were a source of motivation, and their interest in our creations reaffirmed our dedication to crafting immersive experiences in the world of gaming and VR. We express our genuine appreciation to all the great speakers and their valuable lectures.

Many thanks to the organizers for preparing such an amazing event. It was a pleasure to be a Bronze Sponsor and be a part of this!

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