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7 advantages of using VR in business based on the furniture industry

Updated: May 25, 2021

Nowadays worldwide-companies compete with each other using new-tech solutions, services, and products, just to keep up on time, and what’s the most important, to grab potential customer attention.

And that is why more and more companies use Virtual Reality technology.

VR, short for Virtual Reality, is still relatively new but also one of the most and the fastest developing technology. It provides your company with an unusual opportunity to attract even more customers to your brand by making it more engaging, interactive, and eye-catching.

Since the trend for implementing the emerging technologies has become more relevant and has rapidly gained interest VR has found its own, unique way into a variety of industries, including the furniture industry.

Keep in mind, that using VR in business has at least several advantages. It does not only support the growth of your business but also it’s a great marketing tool to promote your products or services.

You may now wonder, how can you benefit from implementing Virtual Reality as a furniture manufacturer or store manager? Below, you’ll find seven key arguments for converting your furniture collection into 3D models and placing them into the virtual environment.

Benefits of using VR in the furniture industry:

1. Using VR technology you can create an immersive, effective, and unforgettable visual experience for your customers.

VR experience brings positive emotions to people and these emotions have the biggest impact on their shopping decisions. Your customers can customize your products from any place, and due to VR, they can not only personalize any item to match their taste but also get a true sense of it, by physically wander around it.

2. Allows your customers to try before they buy

Customers want not only to see the product but also to experience it. As a manufacturer, you’re well aware, that they prefer to try its different mechanisms,, compare available color and design versions, check details, or even textures - generally, they tend to, watch it from every perspective. Thanks to VR it's possible to customize the piece anytime and anywhere, so your customers can interact with a virtual product 24 hours per week.

3. It will make your brand memorable

Using VR is a great way to increase your brand awareness. People like to try new things especially related to the new tech. Virtual Reality is unusual, for some the experience is feeling absolutely unreal, and that’s why customers will talk about you and share their feelings on Social Media.

4. You are no longer limited by the space

Using VR in your business you don't have to worry about a space on which you can present your products anymore. Now, you need only a few square meters and a VR headset to can show your customer every product from your store with all available modifications by just one click/controller tilt. What is more, you can create a fully interactive virtual interiors for displaying your whole collections. Your customers may feel like they are in their own house and rearrange their space with your furniture!

5. Time is money, thanks to VR solutions you can save it both!

Thanks to VR you can cut down unnecessary costs. Using virtual prototyping you will be able to see products from different perspectives, angles, in different colors, factures, materials, and in every possible version. There is no need to produce many physical products and wasting time and money for it. It is also a great solution for your customers when you give them many alternatives to create their dream product in a short time.

6. Be one step ahead of your competitors

Creating Furniture Configurator under your brand is a perfect opportunity to broaden your circle of (engaged, thus satisfied) customers You can put on your website links to VR apps or pre-recorded 360-degree movies. Provide your customers with a perfect shopping tool, which combines the freedom of choice and immersion, and they surely will connect your brand with positive emotions.

7. It increases sales

It’s connected with “try before you buy” strategy because people are more likely to buy something that they have already tested. In the furniture industry it’s a perfect solution. Customers can try products in the virtual interior of their house, which can reduce the number of product returns and increase customer satisfaction.

A great example is Ikea- the Swedish furniture giant has launched in the 2016 VR application, which is available via Steam and AR app “IKEA PLACE” available on App Store and Google Play which has significantly increased sales.

Ikea’s head of digital transformation Michael Valdsgaard described potential uplift in sales from AR as a “dream scenario” for Ikea, which is targeting €5 billion ($5.9 billion) in online sales by 2020, up from the €1.4 billion ($1.6 billion) it generated in 2016.(1)

Virtual Reality Technology should not be connected with VR games exclusively. As you can see, the technology, is still developing, yet you can benefit from it in terms of boosting up sales and building positive vibes around your brand.

VR in business is a huge trend among top furniture companies worldwide - they use it its various possibilities, to interest and, entertain their customers, as well as to increase their satisfaction.

We encourage you to take inspiration offered by the vast number of VR furniture configurator possibilities and take advantage of implementing the proven solutions.

Virtual Reality is (and surely will be) a real deal, offering its audience a new, immersive way of experiencing brands and taking it to a different reality, where almost everything is possible - and that’s what makes VR so exciting!

If you have some questions, need more information or you are interested in business collaboration with us feel free to contact us! We will be glad to answer your questions.

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