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‘Private Property’ the brand-new VR zombie shooter from Wenkly Studio

Updated: Jan 14

“These zombies better stay away from my property!” - that’s how you can exactly express the main challenge of this VR multiplayer game. The Private Property takes players to the 19th Century picturesque forests of rural Montana where the Property is based and now is in danger. The goal for each team is to defend locations chosen from farms, towns, and railroad stations from hordes of zombies.

“Private Property” is one of the best VR shooters in Arcades; with the multiplayer mode, you can experience the adventure with your friends and jointly defend the location from zombies crawling towards the property from the darkest parts of the forest. Each player has access to a wide range of weapons (inspired by authentic ones from the 19th century!) - from revolvers to grenade launchers - to fulfill the needs of both ambitious adventure seekers and early-adopters. All of these with unlimited ammo!

You may now wonder, is “Private Property” a VR multiplayer game adequate for a wide range of players, even not experienced yet?

Absolutely yes! The general atmosphere in-game is witty and playful. Thanks to no direct contact with enemies players won’t experience scary behavior from the zombie side, so it’s good also for less hardcore and younger players in your LBE.

Keep in mind, that players move around by teleporting to a selected spot - just like in “Elven Assassin”. Thanks to the lack of in-game locomotion the experience is comfortable for players.

Below, you’ll find some key arguments - why “Private Property” is the best VR zombie shooter and a real must-have in your arcade’s game library:

  • Popular game topic - Zombie shooter

  • High replay value - returning customers

  • Playful atmosphere - the game can be targeted to a wider spectrum of players

  • Great for fewer hardcore gamers - no direct contact with enemies

  • Great fun for groups of friends - up to 4 players

We hope that you and your customers will enjoy “Private Property” as much as we do!

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If you have more questions about the game, or you’re considering a purchase of a commercial license for your VR arcade, don’t hesitate and contact us at vrcommercial@wenklystudio.com

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